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Ridevu helps you share rides to events. You can connect with other event participants to offer and request rides, as well as share a taxi.

How Ridevu helps you

How Ridevu works

On the event page, find people that are offering or requesting rides

If you find a match - someone coming from your area that you would like to share a ride with - you can contact them using the details they provided

If you don't find a match, you can post your own ride on the event page and be contacted by others

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Event Organizers

Ridevu helps event participants share rides. You can increase the attendance in your event by allowing participants to arrive and return easily.

How Ridevu helps you

How Ridevu works

Post your event on the Ridevu website using the online form

Email participants the link to your event page

Publish the link to your event page on social media

Place a live list of rides to your event on your website

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