At Ridevu, we are committed to making your shared rides safe. Here's how:

Community: People who use Ridevu are not complete strangers. Because you share rides to the same events, you probably share common interests, hobbies, or friends with your fellow travelers.

Communicate with your driver / passenger: We recommend that you exchange a few messages with your fellow travelers before the scheduled ride. You can use the messaging service through Ridevu or use the phone when appropriate.

Get to know your driver / passenger: You can view the Ridevu profile of other travellers by clicking on their blue username in their ride/offer/request. We encourage you to review your fellow travellers’ pages before embarking on a shared ride.

Zero tolerance policy: Driving under the influence is one of the major causes of car accidents. You should never enter a car where the driver appears to be under the influence. Ridevu maintains a policy of zero tolerance for drivers under the influence.